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tree grove sunrays_2450x900.jpg

"... I knew we could trust her..."

"I can’t thank Cindy enough for what she brought to our family’s home funeral experience upon the death of our matriarch. I am a home funeral guide and advocate, so I was able to navigate many of the logistics of a home funeral, however one thing that I was struggling with was how to authentically honor my mother-in-law’s religious beliefs. We did not share faith, my mother-in-law and I, and in fact it had even been a source of contention at times. I knew that Cindy was an Interfaith Minister, longtime hospice volunteer, EOL Doula, and supporter of home funerals, so I knew we could trust her to enter our sacred space (our home,) and pray over my mother-in-law. We were simply looking for someone to genuinely pray for my husband’s mother, but what Cindy delivered was more than we had anticipated or imagined. She had taken the time over the phone to gather some information on my MIL to personalize the spoken words shared. Not only did her short but sweet blessing resonate on a Christian level, in honor of my MIL, but it was balanced enough that it also spoke to us, as the non-religious survivors, and held space for our sorrow. She provided a break in her piece, for our own readings, as well. She was sweet, professional, and we are so glad we called on her. Thank you Cindy, for showing up." ~TM

"... a strong and compassionate presence..."

"Cindy has been a volunteer for Lutheran Hospice since the fall of 2016. In that time, Cindy has served at the Greeter Desk, Inpatient Unit, Administration, and in Home Care. Cindy doesn't just do her job, she exceeds what is required to get the job done well. Cindy visits her patients at home weekly, bringing a strong and compassionate presence to them, including making extra visits when they are actively dying. On top of that, Cindy trains new volunteers in the dying process, at the Greeter Desk, and recently has even taken on administrative duties in the volunteer department. Cindy initiated and successfully launched a Vigil Volunteer program in our Inpatient Unit, and she personally fields the calls and mobilizes volunteers when needed. Cindy truly embraces the hospice philosophy of helping people die with dignity and worth. Cindy's ready smile draws everyone she works with near her, and she has become a vital part of our staff at Lutheran Hospice. Thank you, Cindy!"

~Patti Walter, Volunteer Coordinator, Lutheran Hospice, Wheat Ridge, CO

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"... a journey rather than an ordeal."

"There was a huge void that we didn't even know was there until she came into our lives and filled it. Her love, support, strength, compassion and commitment were palpable. The comfort and support Cindy provided during my father's final weeks and months were amazing. He turned an emotional corner the first day she arrived. He smiled again and found peace over the weeks that followed. My father looked forward to their long conversations as well as the time when she just sat with him. He didn't want many visitors, but even on his bad days, he would see her and always was better and happier after she left. Relief would be the way I would describe it. I think she helped him carry the load and say the things he did not want to burden me with. On the day he died she was with us, having been given only a few hours notice that it was happening 'soon.' She was present with us at his bedside, yet remained in the background at the same time; allowing me and other family the space we needed, all while guiding me through the process while he passed. I never felt alone at any point and as an only child caring for my father alone that is really saying something. Thank you so much Cindy for making this a journey rather than an ordeal."  ~ CB

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