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Planet Holistic Podcast Episode 36 - AYW Solo Book Author Cindy Kaufman - How to Bring Dignity to End of Life

From: Planet Holistic

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Inspirations: 101 Uplifting Stories for Daily Happiness, ISBN: 978-1-7324982-8-0, As You Wish Publishing, LLC

This is a collective author book, of which Cindy Kaufman has two stories.

This #1 best seller is available for purchase on Amazon. 

Holistic: 22 Expert Holistic Practitioners Help You Heal Mind, Body and Spirit in New Ways

ISBN-13: 978-1-951131-93-7, As You Wish Publishing, LLC

This is a collective author book, of which Cindy Kaufman is one of the 22 practitioners/authors. Cindy shares her experience and advice on living well and dying well in her chapter entitled, "Dying Well: It's Not an Oxymoron."

This #1 Best Seller is available for purchase on Amazon.

The Mortal's Guide to Dying Well: Practical Wisdom From an End of Life Doula

ISBN: 978-1-951131-92-0, As You Wish Publishing, LLC

COMING SOON! Release date: May 1,2020

A must read for every mortal, The Mortal’s Guide to Dying Well: Practical Wisdom from an End of Life Doula brings new perspective to living well and dying well. International best seller and Certified End of Life Doula Cindy Kaufman shares her wisdom gained in her over 20 years in the field of death and dying as a hospice volunteer and now End of Life Doula. Kaufman highlights the ways our fear-of-death culture hinders our acceptance of the inevitability of our dying, and how this impacts our willingness to talk openly within our families and communities about our wishes for our final days, whenever they may come. Although we humans make plans for everything in our lives, including our education, our careers, and even our vacations, we fail to plan for the one thing that will assuredly affect every one of us at some point. With her practical wisdom and encouragement, Kaufman eases us into these realities and guides the reader forward with her tips and worksheets that assist the reader in formulating a plan for dying well and thus, also, living well.